How can I tell Propane that I switched Campfire accounts?

Here's a description of the problem:

You have an existing Campfire account which you have been using in Propane. You add a new person on Campfire and you'd like Propane to log you in with that new person's credentials.

If you have Propane set to automatically log-in, you're never given the opportunity to change Propane's login details, it just keeps logging you in as the old person.

And here's a description of the solution:

  1. Quit Propane
  2. Open Keychain and locate all of the items with a name of 'Propane'. It may help to click the 'Name' column's header to sort by name.
  3. Single-click each 'Propane' keychain item so that the item's details are shown above the keychain items list. The one you're looking for will have an 'Account' that is the same name as the Campfire host.
    For example, if your Campfire host is then you're looking for a keychain item with an Account of 'barnacle'.
  4. Once you've found the host's keychain item, right-click the item and select 'Delete'.
  5. Restart Propane and try to access your host's campfire. You should be prompted for the login name and password.

I did all that and it still logged me in as the old user:

If you followed all of the above steps and you still automatically log-in with the old user details then it's likely you've got a 'remember me' login set with Safari or Webkit.

  1. You'll need to quit Propane again.
  2. Visit your Campfire host with Safari and click the 'Logout' link in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Restart Propane. You should be prompted for a login and password.