How can I hide the "has entered room" and "has left the room" messages?

As of Propane 1.1.0, a new preference and menu item allows you to toggle the display of Enter/Leave messages.

If you have edited Propane's internal stylesheet (in cf_chat.css) to hide these messages yourself then it's critical you read the warning at the end of this article.

How to use it

From the "General" tab of the Preferences window, you can check "Hide Enter/Leave messages". Changing this setting immediately updates all open chats.

Alternatively, you can set this preference from the "View" menu (keyboard shortcut: command-shift-h) while the chat window is active.

How it interacts with Notifications

The "Notifications" preferences tab and the "Edit Room Notification Settings" item under the Room menu allow you to receive notifications "whenever someone enters or leaves the room".

If you have enabled those notifications then any Enter/Leave messages that arrive in the room after the chat initially loads will remain visible in the chat transcript.


Some people may have taken matters into their own hands and altered Propane's internal stylesheet to remove these messages.

Propane's new support for showing/hiding these messages is superior to a CSS-only solution because it correctly sets timestamp visibility - something not possible with just CSS.

If you have edited ~/Library/Application Support/Propane/styles/cf_chat.css to set display:none on any of:

  • tr.enter_message
  • tr.leave_message
  • tr.kick_message
  • tr.timestamp_message

then you must remove those property settings otherwise Propane's toggling of Enter/Leave display will not work.