Issues with Safari 5.2 beta

Apple recently released an early-access of Safari 5.2 and this has been causing problems in Propane (all versions up to 1.2.0) for everyone that has installed the Safari beta.

The biggest issue is frequent crashes, especially at startup. All of these crashes occur at the same point deep inside WebKit (a system library supplied by Safari which Propane relies on).

In addition to the crashes, changes to WebKit have effectively broken file uploads.

I'm working with Apple to track down the source of the crashes.

In the mean-time, the build below should avoid the crashes and correct the problem with file uploads:

NOTE: if you have to revert from this version of Propane back to version 1.2.0 (or earlier) you will need to edit ~/Library/Application\ Support/Propane/styles/cf_chat.css and remove the line which looks like this:

div#upload_form, input[type="file"] { display:none ! important; }

Propane 1.2.2 inserts that line at startup to fix a problem with an errant tooltip, which means that if you switch back and forth between 1.2.0 and 1.2.2 you'll need to remove that line each time. Sorry.

I'd appreciate information on any instabilities in this version of Propane.

The only way I've been able to avoid the WebKit crash is to change Propane's caching policy to cache more resources - which does increase Propane's memory footprint. If you see runaway memory usage then please bring that to my attention too.

Thanks for your patience everyone.