How can I auto-complete someone's name?

When you use Campfire in a general-purpose browser like Safari or Firefox, typing @ and the first few characters of a user's name will cause their name to be autocompleted.

Propane also has name completion but it's triggered by the 'tab' character.

Type the first character or two of a user's name and press 'tab'. Propane will find all users currently in the room with names that match those characters and display the first match to you. If more than one user matches, you can repeatedly press 'tab' to cycle through the names.

Once the name you're looking for is displayed, you just keep typing - any punctuation character or the spacebar will commit your name selection.

If you're auto-completing a name at the beginning of your message, Propane assumes you're addressing the user so pressing the spacebar causes it to insert : after their name. If you use the spacebar to commit a completion anywhere else in the message, Propane will just insert a space character.

Here's an example. Assume that Dave, Frank and Jenny are in the room with you:

d<tab><space>f<tab>'s changes are being checked by j<tab><space>


Dave: Frank's changes are being checked by Jenny