Styling Search Results

As of Propane 0.9.5 you can search the 'current' page's messages (command-f or from the Edit->Find menu).

Search results are highlighted by adding CSS classes to the enclosing TR tag of messages matching your search.

By default, the style declarations are:

tr.propane_search td { background-color: #ffd8d8 ! important; }
tr.propane_current_search td { background-color: #ff9090 ! important; }

The propane_search style will be applied to all messages matching the current search. Note that if there are more than 100 search results, Propane will not apply this style to messages because it's just too much overhead.

The propane_current_search style will be applied to the 'current' message as you navigate through the list of matched messages. This style will always be applied, even if the total number of search results is more than 100.

Those CSS declarations are required in 2 files:

~Library/Application Support/Propane/styles/cf_chat.css
~Library/Application Support/Propane/styles/cf_transcript.css

Propane will automatically add any missing style declarations for you, but it won't overwrite existing ones (so that you can change them to suit your taste).