Why can't I login to my Campfires?


Starting with version 1.3.1, Propane uses the 37signals "Launchpad" service and OAuth for authentication.

Launchpad allows Propane to "discover" the Campfires associated with your login rather than requiring you to manually tell Propane about each of them.


Some users have encountered problems where, even though they successfully log in, they are told that they have no authorized Campfires for their account.

This can happen when:

  • You login using an email address rather than a username.
  • You have more than one 37signals account (some people may not realize this is the case).
  • The same email address is used by two or more accounts.

Solving the problem

The first step is to try logging in again in Propane using the username (rather than email address) which you think is associated with your Campfires (if you can remember it).

If that does not solve the issue then the next step is to login on https://launchpad.37signals.com using the exact same username and password that is failing in Propane.

  • If Launchpad displays available Campfires then there may be a problem with Propane. Please file a support ticket here
  • If Launchpad does not display available Campfires then it may be that you have more than one 37signals account. You should seek advice directly from 37signals support at http://help.37signals.com/sign-in